Make Out City - About The Video

About the Video

What can I say about the video for Make Out City other than you’re not really supposed to watch it directly? Now the song isn’t subtle and the video isn’t either because it’s actually meant to just be a big digital lava lamp you put on when you’re headed for Make Out City. I got my start in the arts as a lighting operator in a theater and the art of lighting has been a part of my life ever since. This video is an attempt to use your hi-def, big-screen TV as a dynamic lighting source. So no, you’re not supposed to “watch” this video but instead bathe in it with the consenting partner of your choice. 

Yeah, there’s some nostalgia to it as well. Back in the ‘90s we were crazy about this sort of thing but used graphic generators that you “fed” a song and hoped the results were pleasing to the eye. These generators always disappointed though and interest soon passed. Their problem was they had to process the entire song at once and make their decisions based on just a stereo mix. In the Make Out City video, each instrument (and each individual drum head!) is mapped to a “generator” of my own design in Adobe After Effects. Hopefully this provides plenty of detail to keep those of you watching this alone with your bong entertained as well. 

Thanks for enjoying these kinds of things, I love them too!

- £400 Hacker