In 2011 more than 20 local bands came to our studio to play live before our cameras. Here are a few of our favorites with a complete artists index below.

About the Show

There is no better window into the soul of a community than to listen to its music. 

I am also a huge admirer of Alan Lomax.

Live From the Classic City is a model of a process I am still very, very committed to if not actively working on right this second. From Fall 2010 to Summer 2011 my brother and I, along with a host of other crew, invited the bands listed to the left into our studio to play live before our cameras.  We then edited it all together and released the final results via YouTube. It was an awesome experience, but incredibly wearing work. From booking the bands to finally posting finished videos to the web took a tremendous day to day effort. Never the less, I look forward to getting back into this fine form of documentary someday soon.

Here's a playlist with a few of my faves:

PS I don't know when or why YouTube murdered the hell out of my Thumbnails, but don't let the images fool you, the video looks much better :)