The Thrillahill Music Workshop is a collection of programs we hope will provide the local community with opportunities to explore “In The Box” digital music production. We hope to encourage face to face collaboration on a variety of locally produced music projects and we also hope to promote, encourage and share those projects with the whole world!

The Music Workshop is led by Will Leamon of Thrillahill Productions and hopes to officially launch in the first quarter of 2020.

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Workshop Programs

The Music Workshop believes the singer / songwriter is vital to the existence of indigenous, local and regional musical development. 

The Game Jam Collective is all about making music for video games. 

The New Engineers Program hopes to encourage people of all ages and walks of life to take an interest in audio engineering.

The Performing Artist Series is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2020.

What’s Happening Now?

We are currently building out our new studio facility, Tire Swing Studio. Tire Swing combines a traditional audio recording, mixing and mastering studio with a collaborative meeting space. A separate tracking room with dedicated vocal booth fills out the facility for complete music production.

What’s Coming Next?

We’ll be working pretty hard on Tire Swing through August of 2019 as we’ve got a lot to do.

But come fall we’ll be ready to pilot-test our first program. We’re pretty excited about it so we don’t want to release any details until we’re ready but expect an announcement sometime in July of 2019.

After that our main goal is to have our non-profit paperwork filed, a board in place and our first program developed and in production by the first quarter of 2020!

We’ve got a lot of work to do but we’re more than confident we’ll be ready in time.

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Thanks for taking the time to check us out here in the very earliest days of the project! Keep an eye out this August for more details about the pilot-test of our first program.