The Thrillahill Music Workshop is a patron supported program that encourages people of all ages and walks of life to explore music composition through the use of computers and the internet.

The Music Workshop is led by Will Leamon of Thrillahill Productions and hopes to officially launch in the third quarter of 2021.

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What's Happening?

We are very excited that our next program is all about making music for video games. It's intended for people with absolutely zero experience with digital music production or composition. The program is online-based and relies on but is not limited to open source software. As with all MWS programs, there are no fees at all for participants. But we do hope the audience will think enough of our work together to support us.

The program is affiliated with Team WizBeatz, which is a small, independent but productive game jam team that our own Will Leamon  serves as both narrative lead and music composer. We are currently making an action role playing game that is character and story based. Thrillahill's Music Workshop has been tasked with producing the music for the game and this is where our new program comes in to play. 

Here's what participants can expect to happen:

  • Collaborative, fun learning experiences that covers the basics of music composition - melody, rhythm, harmony.
  • Technical instruction on just how you get a computer to play the notes you want.
  • An inside look at the unique demands of video game music composition.
  • Participants then work together to produce a complete "set" of music and sound fx for the game. 

How it works:

For each cycle of the program we'll release a new story for the game. Participants will work with the music lead (Our own Will Leamon) to produce opening and closing music, incidental music and thematic scores for the game as well crafting appropriate sound effects.

The Goals:

We love making music for video games and this is our ultimate goal. Within that though we hope to provide an opportunity to learn music for people who've always wanted to but thought it was too late, or they weren't smart enough or didn't have enough time. These are all fears that Will suffered under for decades before he decided to just "give it a shot" and then life changed forever and for the better. We want to share that joyous experience and dispel those fears. It's never been easier to compose and make music, and we hope to demonstrate that very soon! Stay tuned to this page for more updates.