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First Off, What is “In The Box” Production?

The short answer is In the Box music production has a computer at its heart and soul. The “box” we are referring to is a desktop computer, but these days laptops and tablets have their place at the table too. Producing “In The Box” is all about seeing the speaker, the device the audience actually listens to, as an instrument all by itself.  In the box composers will use recorded instruments, sampled instruments and modeled instruments but also custom made synthesizers for the widest spectrum of sounds possible.  All of which you can learn how to do from any of our programs.

Here are some of the specific production skills our programs focus on:

  • Basic recording techniques
  • MIDI orchestration and composition
  • Music synthesis using digital audio production
  • Essential mixing and mastering techniques

But It’s More About Collaborative Skills

At the Workshop, we are very interested in working together as a group in both leadership and support roles because both roles are essential to making music together. We also focus on establishing a common vision and learning to make sacrifices for that vision. Finally, we can’t stress enough the importance of understanding that when one rises, we all rise and when one falls we all fall. We firmly believe this is how great music is made.

The Music Workshop is a project-based experiment in music production, it is not a classroom. There are no teachers and there are no students. While some will know more than others, our goal is to establish a common knowledge-base between all collaborators. At times things might look like a classroom environment but what we’re really trying to do is make sure everyone’s on the same page, technically speaking. Once that shared knowledge is in place, real collaboration can begin.

Thanks again for checking us out!

Thrillahill’s Music Workshop is a product of the madness of Will Leamon.

Will Leamon is a Georgia-based producer who specializes in stage, video and music productions. He has been involved with the community arts for more than 30 years; working with Athens Creative Theatre, The Morton Theatre, Athens School of Ballet and his own community projects under the Thrillahill Productions banner. He was a founder and program director of Classic City Arts from 2008 to 2011 and has recently released an album as £400 Hacker and the essay collections FU Internet and Other Empty Threats and Gamer Goes Hiking.

He has three cats.