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Legal Stuff


This intellectual property stuff is pretty complicated and only gets worse every day. We've been doing this a long time and we've learned the value of one simple rule: Keep it simple!

First off writers and performers have copyright inherently, you don't need to "do" anything to hold copyright to your work. So it's up to you to let us do our thing (legally speaking).

So when you come record in the studio, be sure to know that you own all the publishing rights to your material, regardless of who or where that material was recorded. So we sometimes need you to give us the right to publish your music, but only if you're ok with it. These rights are never exclusive, you can let others use your work as well, and you can revoke them at any time. 

The only time this is an issue is when we're partnered with others on projects (mostly indie-game development and later sponsor-supported projects). In those situations we'll need you to sign a form that basically gives all your rights away. It sounds draconian but it's the only way we can participate communally with third parties. Don't worry, if you're involved in a project like that we'll make sure you know what's happening and what your rights are.

We only use two legal forms here at the workshop:

Music Rights Release Form

We use this form a couple of different ways. 90% of the time we sign it to say we're releasing any rights the workshop "might" have to your work. We don't think we have any rights to your music, and we don't want them either! This form just makes it plain and clear that when you record something in our non-profit studio, it's yours just as if you'd recorded in a "for hire" studio.

Sometimes we ask you to sign this form in order to grant us the rights to your performances. This is when we're working with 3rd parties who demand we hold the absolute rights to anything we contribute to the project.

Music Publishing Form

This form grants us permission to add your music to our streaming platforms which currently are Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and YouTube Music. It's non-exclusive meaning you can still share that music with anyone else you might like. You can also drop us an email and revoke those rights whenever you like (we'd be bummed though).