Tire Swing Studio

Tire Swing Studio is a two room audio recording / mixing / mastering studio in Athens GA.

It features:

  • 16 channels in and 8 channels out.
  • 8 channels of phantom power.
  • 2 direct channels for guitar amp modeling
  • 24bit / 96kHz digital audio recording.
  • Interface by Tascam, Controllers by Akai
  • Monitors by Klipsch

The studio is pleased to rely on software from:

  • Ableton
  • Propellerhead
  • Garritan
  • Waves
  • XLN Audio
  • Ample Guitar

The console is modular and can easily accommodate any other recording equipment an artist may wish to provide.

Tire Swing studio is not a "for hire" studio but serves as the in-house recording studio for Thrillahill Productions.