Singer / Song Writer Development

The Music Workshop believes the singer / songwriter is vital to the existence of indigenous, local and regional musical development. 

The Singer / Song Writer Development Program is the core program of the Music Workshop as we believe that:

    • The Singer / Song Writer develops and defines those lovely things we like about our local music.
    • Without communal support the Singer / Song Writer is lost in  the current music factory process and we lose valuable regional distinctions.

With all that in mind, this program hopes to provide an opportunity for the Singer / Song Writer to work independently to develop their own sound, hone their craft and have their first experience with collaborative music making free of industry influence.

The goal is to produce a six song demo with full accompaniment in three months.

The Singer / Song Writer is provided with:

    • 10 hours a week of studio time at Tire Swing Studio with a dedicated engineer to handle the equipment for 12 weeks.
    • One version of the songs with just the Singer / Song Writer.
      • This demo represents the artist as a live performer and is used in booking live performances.
    • Another version of the songs with full accompaniment.
      • We can record other musicians / instruments or produce arrangements in the digital domain. It’s up to each artist individually, but it usually ends up a bit of both.
      • This demo is used to open collaborations with other producers, studios and labels.

The Results for the Singer / Song Writer are:

    • Representative work for both live and studio projects.
    • A documented experience to show other producers and labels that the artist can set and achieve goals in the studio within a productive amount of time.
    • Restriction free digital content the artist can use to enhance their own marketing / social media efforts.

If you're interested in joining the program, please click here.