When you sign up for the Collective, you'll get an email from the list server that you'll need to confirm. This makes sure it was actually you and not a bot signing up. So it's pretty important you look for it, if it's not there make sure to check your spam folder.


By signing up for the Music Workshop Game Jam Collective, you understand that you are surrendering any rights to the recorded material in exchange for studio time at our studio, Tire Swing Studio located in Athens Georgia, USA. You must surrender all rights for the material or we can't use it for Game Jams and indie game development. Legally it's just that simple.

You'll be paid a 1:1 time ratio for your efforts. For every hour you work for the Game Jam Collective, you'll be able to schedule one hour of recording time for your own use with an engineer. Material produced in these sessions are released to the artist directly, Thrillahill's Music Workshop surrenders any and all rights to that material.

There is a two hour time limit, however,  so no one artist can have more than two hours of pre-scheduled time in the studio. We just can't run things any other way. You can always use up that two hours and then come record some more, so it's pretty simple. If you're curious about this stuff, it's an internal anti-"Crunch" policy. If you'd like to know more about it feel free to ask. At the Workshop, we HATE crunch!

And that's it!

If you have any questions or concerns about signing up, feel free to reach out to us via the Contact  Page.

If you'd like to review the legal stuff you'll sign when you come in for your session, click here.

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