Historical Theatre

I can go on and on and on about community theatre. In fact, I did just that as a wrtier for Athens Food and Culture for a year.  I want to be brief here though and simply wish to present these five plays, in their entirety, as an example of how I think the Internet and world wide communications can have this tremendous impact on cultural diversity and cultural equity.

The prodution of a historical play gives the cast and crew the chace to actually  particepate in an another community's art -  the examples below include France, England and Russia. Then, with the presentation of the show to a live audience, that cultural diversity is shared with the community at large, this serves to share one culture with another. When we include three motion picture cameras, their necessary audio requirements and the Internet to the process we can capture that specific community's intrepretation of a classical production and share it with the world at large which is not only cultural sharing but cultural preservation as well.  

Yeah, I know it's complicated. But the essence is that what you see in these plays are not only a preservation of the past but also a documentary of the present, all of which can be shared on a global spectrum.