I actually began working on video projects with friends in high school on Hi-8 to VHS (that's a bunch of analog stuff). At the same time, however, I was deeply involved wtih community theatre at both my high school under the sublime Dr. Robert Spell and at Athens Creative Theatre under the indominatable Tom Coleman. With the grace of thier tutelage and experience, I started a community based video project called Thrillahill Productions in 1996 at the age of 21. I have been producing community video ever since. 

I've produced a lot of video wtih a lot of different people and this is just a small sliver of the stuff I've produced over the past decade. So I guess you should consider this my 'Reel' for lack of a better term.

In March of 2010, Ubisoft and IFC teamed up for an Assasin's Creed short video contest and we decided to enter. This production represents the very definition of community project for me as we sourced many of the actors from our local community theatres, the crew came from THP's ranks and the fight staff came from Barnett Tae Kwon Do Academy. Then for locations we relied on an enthusiasic group of local businesses who welcomed us into their stores and offices. So it truly was a community coming together to experience the production of moving images - a dream of mine since I was in high school. 

Plus only a small group of people on the planet get to work on a complicated, choreographed martial arts scene which made this project even more special.


I won a 2009 OurStage award for this one. I suspect college kids made up most of the voters. This was shot "Run and Gun", a low-budget method of shooting where you come to a location, shoot, and get out before anyone knows you're there. We shot this with two actors and two crew in two days.


My first ever video series shot way back in 2005. The very definition of low-budget -  ISE was shot in my apartment and used my neighbors for the cast.

There we're five episodes in all for Inside Shady Estates, here are the best three.