Power and privilege expressing itself through pain and misery, it’s the same old song and dance only this time with singing and dancing!

Will Is a Problem is at its core a show about bullying, a story about pushing people around and making them miserable through any possible means. But this is just the tip of the iceberg! Come witness a tale of racism, misogyny, bullying and exploitation all in the name of corporate greed and corruption. All that and more comes direct from the guy who lived it.

 So says writer / director Will Leamon:

 “Yeah ok, this show’s a little bit weird but I spent more than two years living this miserable story, we may as well get a good laugh out of it. God knows it wasn’t worth anything else. Plus I dig that old school conceptual Sondheim stuff like Company or Follies, so let’s rip that off too.”

A college graduate with a degree in History, Leamon promises that all of the official write-ups, emails and meeting recordings are carefully interwoven throughout the show to bring home that it’s not based on a true story, it is a true story told by the person who lived it!

Thrillahill Productions is pleased to present the next feature production from Athens, Georgia’s Will Leamon. Torn from a real-life story, Will Is A Problem has been two years, tons of meetings, a couple of written disciplinary actions and more verbal threats and warnings than we can count in the making. It’s storytelling in the mode of Homer but updated for a post-Broadway world. Coming to all major streaming platforms fall of 2019 and a stage show to debut sometime in early 2020!

Stay with this page for all sorts of updates and behind the scenes action as we move through production to the big debut!

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Our story begins in one of the most hated departments at every university, whatever it's called they're the people who get to charge an exhorbitant fee for that tiniest piece of real-estate known as a "Parking Space". At The University, Parking is so rotten it's called Plantation Parking and it's where Will first becomes "a problem".

You'll find out why when the demo comes out soon!

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